Iran_Germany Collaboration in Health and Biomedical Research

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Iran-Germany Collaboration in Health and Biomedical Research

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed in 5th of May 2017 on a joint cooperation in medical education and research between the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Islamic Republic of Iran and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany to take necessary actions in the following areas: 

  • Support of workshops in medical sciences and health research to identify priority topics of both sides for cooperation activities. This includes joint research but also cooperation in higher education.
  • The support of cooperation activities in higher education in the field of health and medical sciences is considered as important by both sides. Joint activities should aim to support partnerships at institutional level such as joint study courses and the exchange of young researchers including PhD & early stage post-docs, or exchange of staff.
  • Support scientific collaboration including joint mobility projects (collaboration of HEIs, university hospitals, research institutes). The projects should enable researchers to connect existing national research projects to work on topics of joint interest. They include joint meetings and research stays. The exchange of young researchers within these projects should be encouraged.
  • Encourage the exchange of experiences and dissemination of information of mutual interest, particularly in the field of basic and clinical sciences.


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